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Study and portfolio review of the projects on industrial symbiosis in DG Research and Innovation

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Industrial symbiosis has a huge potential to help accelerate development towards CO2 neutrality and circular economy in Europe. This study investigates processes that can be established to secure and accelerate the implementation and deployment of effective industrial symbiosis. It sets out with an aim to assess and understand how to best facilitate industrial symbiosis cooperation, which barriers need to be overcome, and how to identify the potential for interaction and sharing of mutual benefits. The study focuses on a cluster of 28 EU funded industrial symbiosis projects, involving 14 different industrial sectors and two established industrial symbiosis sites Kalundborg and SDR. The cluster of projects was divided into two distinct subgroups: process technology projects and methodologies for fostering industrial symbiosis. The contributions from the members of the industrial symbiosis were included in the analysis through the form of questionnaires and workshops.

The recommendations of the study include joint sponsorship of the industrial symbiosis community of practice; collection and dissemination of best practices; promotion of industrial symbiosis through establishing circularity hubs and establishment of an open data source information exchange platform. The study acknowledges that there is a wealth of publication available and a number of directorates-general (DG) set by the European Commission that is focusing on the topic of industrial symbiosis. However, a joint and aligned plan furthering the importance of industrial symbiosis is recommended.

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Review of the projects on industrial sym
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