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Horizon Scanning Projects

Each study will conduct horizon scanning research targeted to specific manufacturing sectors of the UK economy. Altogether, the studies will generate relevant knowledge that, first, identify business, digital technology and /or materials science challenges hindering the implementation of industrial collaboration practices by manufacturing firms and, second, identify manufacturing synergies opportunities, gaps and potential solutions for the identified challenges in the light of circular economy practices.

Heading 1


Apparel Advance: Towards a sustainable apparel manufacturing ecosystem

zian-fzr-nYlXteQRUHo-unsplash (1).jpg

ROADS UK: Re-imagining the Opportunities of Asphalt Development for Sustainability in the United Kingdom


Conversion of mushroom waste into value-added products


Enabling the Circular Economy in Aerospace Manufacturing through Industrial Digital Technologies


Exploring the Circular Product Design for Packaging Industry


Central Question

How the industrial symbiosis capability of the UK manufacturing industry as a whole can be galvanised within sectors and fertilised across sectors?

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