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Sectoral-Bridging Studies 

These studies will conduct sectoral-bridging feasibility research linking several manufacturing sectors of the UK economy. The projects are aimed at exploring cutting-edge innovations on business models, digital technologies or novel materials which facilitate industrial symbiosis initiatives, i.e. industrial collaborations based on resource exchanges. This follows a practical feature of industrial symbiosis initiatives, where waste streams and other under-utilised resources generated by industrial processes are redirected for use by companies or organisations typically from different sectors, including the service sector, e.g. development of reuse outlets for effluent or used water supplies or creation of potential energy streams.

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Value Exploration of Restorative Agile Biorefining for a Competitive Bioeconomy


Restorative Business Models for the Automotive Sector and Beyond – Developing a predictive maintenance industrial symbiosis


Data Innovations for Product Passports: A System of Systems Approach Towards Industry Symbiosis


SCRAM – Sustainable Construction through Robotic Additive Manufacturing


Central Question

How the industrial symbiosis capability of the UK manufacturing industry as a whole can be galvanised within sectors and fertilised across sectors?

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