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Strategic sustainability R&I agenda

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) on Circular Economy has been recently published, part of the H2020 CICERONE project. The document is meant to serve as guidance for the circular economy transition and implementation in the European Union, which is not achievable without:

  1. Systemic change - change must happen at system level and not through single-point interventions.

  2. Cross-cutting interdisciplinary approach - combining technical, social, managerial and environmental considerations.


Illustrated below is the conceptual framework of SRIA, developed on eight priority themes and building on four societal areas that face sustainability challenges.


In addition to the promotion of reuse, repair, share and re-manufacturing, Closing The Loop joint programme (see above) is dedicated to manufacturing and production of materials and products, but also applicable to specific supply chains e.g. buildings, textile. Keep an eye out for the EU Circular Cooperation Hub, a joint programming platform for circular economy based on SRIA findings.

Access the full report on CICERONE website.

Download PDF • 3.25MB


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